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Standard Water Cooled 316 Stainless Steel Burner with Bronze Shroud

The stainless steel sintered plug is recommended if the burner will be used with a corrosive gas or there is a possibility of moisture accumulation on the burner surface.

Optional Low Pressure Shroud Ring
Model LPSS

The Low Pressure Shroud Ring features a surface area for the shielding gas flow approximately 3 times that of the standard shroud ring.  This allows a larger shielding gas cross-section a lower pressures (applications where low pressure chamber studies is required).

Optional Low-Presssure Shroud Ring and Center Tube
Model: LPSSwCT


The center tube option may be utilized for some of the following but not limited to: sample introduction to the flame front, liquid fuel injection, particle injection that would otherwise clogged the gas matrix, and/or to generate a diffuse flame.  It can also be used to allow addition of diagnostic probes and custom injectors.

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