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  For the past 4 decades, our burner has been used as the standard  calibration source for combustion research.

We are the sole source provider and distributor of the Flat Flame burner
Formerly known as the "McKenna burner"

Every burner is manufactured to the users specifications.

This laminar flow burner is made of a 316 Stainless Steel outer housing, with either a Bronze or Stainless Steel water-cooled porous sintered disc.  

Used by hundreds of combustion laboratories world-wide.


Expanded Model of Standard
Flat Flame Burner


Introduction to the Flat Flame Burner and its use in combustion diagnostics applications

The use of a standard burner to generate a laminar flame provides a reference flame that is highly repeatable in operation. As a result, data sets generated by other researchers using the same standard burner can be used to check measurements obtained by another user or method.

Extensive detailed chemistry calculations can also be used in conjunction with measurements as another check of measurements. These characteristics make it possible to use this burner to produce flames that can be used to calibrate diagnostics for measurement of various scalars, such as temperature or species concentration.

The following research institutions have used the Holthuis Flat Flame Burner:

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