Holthuis & Associates

Flat Flame Burners

Burner Description

​The Holthuis and Associates Flat Flame Burner consists of a porous sintered burner plate/plug which is available in either bronze or stainless steel. 

This porous sintered plug is 6cm in diameter and contains an Archimedean spiral cooling circuit for water/coolant flow. 
The purpose of the cooling circuit  is to minimizes radial temperature gradients. 

This water-cooled porous plate is pressed into a stainless steel housing which is then screwed into the main-body. 
A coaxial sintered bronze shroud is fixed over the housing onto the main body. 

The user’s fuel mixture (consisting of pre-mixed oxidizer and fuel) is introduced through a 1/4 inch compression fitting into the bottom of the housing and distributed evenly through the sintered matrix plug.

Any pressure surge in the fuel flow is normalized in the cavity located below the sintered plug within the housing.  Likewise, the shroud ring's inert gas is also introduced through a 1/4 inch compression fitting into a chamber in the main-body. 

Again, the chamber insures a dampened smooth flow of the shielding gas. This ring shields the flame from the outside environment and stabilizes it above the sintered plug.

Standard Burner Unit